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Status: Packaging generated as a GSOC 2008 project. Needs to be "templatized" to minimize duplication and then production Debian packaging build infrastructure established similar to the one for RPMs and MinGW binaries.

Pre-compiled versions of the RTEMS tools are currently available for RPM-based GNU/Linux distributions such as Fedora, RedHat? Enterprise Linux, CentOS, and SUSE as well as MS-Windows via MinGW. This project consists of the development of comparable .deb package specifications and build scripts. The resulting packaging and infrastructure should be suitable for at least GNU/Debian and Ubuntu distributions. As the RTEMS toolset updates frequently, there must be scripting infrastructure developed to build these tools easily when updates are required.

RalfCorsepius? is the RPM builder and maintainer. He uses Mock to use a single development machine to build binaries for a variety of distributions. He is a good resource or mentor for this project.

The RTEMS Project currently does not have a computer running a Debian based GNU/Linux distribution and would have to have one before these could be supported long term.

Below is the results of the Google Summer of Code project