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Canadian Cross Compiler

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Mentors: rtems-devel

Students: Help Wanted

Status: Planning

Introduction: Definition of a Canadian Cross Compiler. MinGW lacks the capability to build a native gcc-4.7 compiler, the same bug prevents it from building a sparc-rtems4.11-gcc compiler.

Goal: What is desired is a clear set of directions for how to build, and distribute, this cross compiler either on Fedora, or on Cygwin.

# project deliverables: ## code: script to generate one big package that can be installed by minGW-get (or other package management tool on Windows) ## docs: tutorial that explains how to build such a package. Every line of code commented. ## testing: run the script on the build machine (say, Fedora), extract the toolset from the package on a freshly installed version of Windows on a VM, run gcc-testing on toolset on the host machine using a non-x86 target (say sparc), running the ticker demo on a non-x86 target, say sparc # required/suggested methodology: look at the packages for minGW and cygwin, make it match that format. # standards of quality: ## code: the toolset extracts on the host through the utilized package management system, RTEMS can be built successfully, from the toolset. ## testing: Mentors can follow the directions on the tutorial and build the toolset. Targets to be tested are: arm, sparc, i386, others as time allows # Possible goal extensions beyond the main objective: A tutorial explaining how to test the canadian cross-compiler.

Requirements: List the requirements and level of expertise you estimate are required by the developer tackling this project will have to have: # Required level of programming language(s): ## Shell script: moderate ## Virtual machines: moderate # specific areas of RTEMS or tools: ## patching ## building a cross compiler ## Level of familiarity with RTEMS: none ## Cross-development: moderate ## GNU/Linux: moderate ## Development/documentation/testing tools: moderate ## Mathematical/algorithmic background: none ## Other desirable skills: the patience of J*b, and the ability to explain things to people who don't know what your talking about.

Resources: Chris Johns, Sebastian Huber, papers, etc that may help you in this project.


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Miscellaneous Sections

As the project progresses, you will need to add build instructions, etc and this page will evolve from a project description into a HOWTO.


Other sections: If you have more to say about the project that doesn't fit in the proposed sections of this template, feel free to add other sections at will.