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Status: ChrisJohns? has started this effort. Contact him for information on how you can help.

The goal of this project is to integrate CEXP into the main RTEMS Project. By integrating CEXP into the main RTEMS Project, it can more easily be updated to stay in sync with the main code base and re-released as new RTEMS versions come out.

CEXP in conjunction with GeSYS provide RTEMS with capabilities long familiar to VxWorks? users. They provide a base system and the ability to dynamically load software modules onto the embedded system. Without this system, RTEMS can only be used with statically linked executables in which the entire application is linked together with RTEMS and loaded onto the board.

Till Straumman wrote CEXP and GeSYS and provides instructions and a Live CD to demonstrate it running with the target environment on qemu. This would be useful to someone on this project because it provides a baseline reference for what the software does.