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Open Projects

Welcome! Whether you're here because of Summer of Code (SOC) or just want to scratch an itch to hack, we invite you to peruse our projects and ask about them on the RTEMS mailing list or IRC. If you plan to submit a proposal to do something for the RTEMS Project as part of a SOC, see Getting Started for SoC Students. RTEMS projects span kernel hacking, adding support for a new board (BSP), improving the development environment, developing tests, and more.

If you want to get your feet wet with RTEMS then check out our small projects page where you can find projects that require little coding skill and are appropriate for those new to RTEMS or open source software projects. If you are interested in one of these projects but are not able to code and test it yourself, consider sponsoring one of the core RTEMS developers to do it for you. Volunteering or sponsoring is how things get done -- users keep RTEMS development alive!

Most of these projects will take between a few weeks and a few months of effort by a person who is familiar with the general use of GNU/Linux and GNU tools. Many RTEMS projects are done by student or volunteer coders, so we try to define small projects or subtasks that can be completed and committed individually. Most of the projects are feasible as a Summer of Code project. Since some projects have multiple steps, students should work with prospective mentors to define the scope of work in their proposal. Similarly, some projects might be a starting point for a class project or graduate thesis.


The order of projects in the ticket list does not reflect their importance, difficulty, or feasibility. Our project list is not exclusive: if you have an idea, solicit feedback from the project's mailing list or IRC channel; many developers sit in IRC and check it (and their email) infrequently throughout the day, so be patient! There may or may not be enough work on a project to constitute an SoC project, and some of these are past SOC projects. If you are interested in one of these, please ask on the mailing list or IRC.

Adding Projects as Tickets

Open projects are managed as Trac Tickets. To create a new project:

  • Create a new ticket by clicking on New Ticket.
  • The Summary field of the ticket is the title of the open project.
  • The Description field of the ticket is the project detail. Please use the WikiFormatting to enhance the readability of the project's details. If you are not sure please review existing open projects as an example.
  • Set the Type field of the ticket as "project". This would have already been filled if you clicked on the New Ticket link above.
  • Set the Milestone field to be "Indefinite". This would have already been filled if you clicked on the New Ticket link above.
  • If this is a SoC Project one of the mentors of the project should be mentioned in the Owner field and you should CC the rest of the mentors. If no mentors are mentioned, keep the fields blank.
  • The Keywords field should be set to "SoC" denoting any projects that can participate in the Summer of Code. The keyword is case sensitive.
  • You also need to set one of the following as a Keyword (comma-delimited) to define the project type, one of: testing, ecosystem, kernel, statistics, BSP, API, libbsd, languages, libraries. Please ask on the mailing before adding new keywords, as they are used to create the tables below.
  • Select an appropriate component for the Component field.

If you are unsure about anything, please ask on the RTEMS Users mailing list.

Project Ideas List

Open projects are held in Trac as Trac tickets. The list can be viewed using the SoC Project Report.

If one of the projects sounds interesting, but lacks detail, ask on the RTEMS Users mailing list for details and we can all help scope the project.

The owner field indicates a possible primary mentor for the project.

The list in no specific order is:

Board Support Package (BSP) Projects

Ticket Summary Owner
#2891 Beagleboard BSP projects Ben Gras
#2898 x86_64 BSP Chris Johns
#2899 Improve the Raspberry Pi BSP
#2900 Improve PC386 BSP
#2901 Emulate i386 (x86) BIOS for VESA Support Pavel Pisa
#2902 Port RTEMS to Microblaze Joel Sherrill
#2903 BSPs for Simulators
#2904 Memory Protection
#3784 Beagle BSP: Add a flattened device tree based initialization Christian Mauderer

Testing Projects

Testing a large body of software like RTEMS is in a continual state of improvement. There is always a need for more test cases and easier ways to run them all and decode the results. In addition, we want to be able to run all tests on as many hardware and simulator configurations as possible. Testing doesn't sound exciting to most people but when you combine the breadth of what we need to test with our desire for 100% instruction and branch path coverage, you get some very interesting and challenging work.

Ticket Summary Owner
#2920 Improve Coverage Analysis Toolset Joel Sherrill
#2927 RTEMS Testing Tool Project joel.sherrill@…
#3326 Eclipse Target Communication Framework Support
#3691 RTEMS Testing TFTP Proxy Project

Development Ecosystem Projects

RTEMS applications are cross-compiled on a development host to produce executables that are transferred to and executed on target systems. The projects in this section focus on the host side of that equation. This means they will run on a developer's computer and possibly communicate with embedded hardware.

Ticket Summary Owner
#2927 RTEMS Testing Tool Project joel.sherrill@…
#3302 Build System conversion of BSP Config (.cfg) files to pkg-config (.pc) files Chris Johns
#3314 RTEMS Release Notes Generator Chris Johns
#3326 Eclipse Target Communication Framework Support
#3333 Automate Conversion of Newlib Markup to Sphinx Joel Sherrill
#3691 RTEMS Testing TFTP Proxy Project
#3710 Improve Coverity Scan Integration Gedare Bloom
#3712 TLS support for libdl

API Layers Projects

Ticket Summary Owner
#2966 POSIX Compliance Joel Sherrill

Executive (SuperCore, SuperCoreCPU, libcpu) a.k.a. kernel

Ticket Summary Owner
#2510 Improve the SMP scheduler with arbitrary processor affinity support

Runtime Statistics Projects

Ticket Summary Owner
#3028 Run-Time Tracing chrisj@…
#3696 Basic Support for Trace Compass Sebastian Huber


Ticket Summary Owner
#3222 libbsd: WiFi Support needs rc.conf integration Christian Mauderer
#3223 libbsd: wpa_supplicant has to be started dynamically Christian Mauderer

Old Project Descriptions

We used to describe open projects using a link to the project page and a short text description, but now we use tickets to describe open project ideas. Most of the projects that have interest from a mentor or the community have been converted. The remaining project descriptions in this section have not been converted yet, and may or may not be of interest. Please ask on the devel@… mailing list if you have interest in any of these projects. Project descriptions that are determined interesting to RTEMS Project should be converted to a Trac Ticket, while the descriptions deemed uninteresting should be moved to the Obsolete Projects section at the bottom of this page.

Projects in Italic text are space-oriented and therefore suitable for SOCIS.

  • Board Support Package (BSP)
    • x86 Edison? - on hold due to unavailability of open information

Retired Projects

The following projects are complete or pending.

Obsolete Projects

Some projects have been proposed that are viewed as being of minor use. This list is meant to provide a way to avoid wasted effort on projects that are not widely desired. However, projects on this list might still be useful to someone, given a motivated individual to work on them.