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    471471Application e.g. max number of tasks, semaphores etc. It could
    472472generate a userconf.h which includes confdefs.h. The complete list
    473 of RTEMS configuration parameters for release 4.8.0 are documented in the
    474 [
     473of RTEMS configuration parameters for version 4.9.1 of RTEMS are documented in the
    475475Configuring a System] chapter in the User's Guide.
    477477There are a variety of ways to approach this project.
    479  *  One solution could be a Wizard/Editor for Eclipse. 
     479 *  One solution is to write a GUI in Python.  This should be cross-platform.
     480 *  Another solution could be a Wizard/Editor for Eclipse. 
    480481 *  Another solution is to use the config infrastructure used by the GNU/Linux kernel.
    481482 *  Another approach would be to use the configuration GUI from eCos and NutOS:
    485486as a baseline.  This would certainly provide multiple interfaces on
    486487GNU/Linux hosts (e.g. X11, menu, command line).  But we would like
    487 a solution that also addresses MS-Windows users.  One possibility is
    488 to write a GUI program in Python which parses the same configuration
    489 information and provides a portable GUI interface.  Another is to
    490 write an Eclipse plugin that supports this format.
     488a solution that also addresses MS-Windows users. 
     490A better possibility is to write a GUI program in Python which reads an XML format file describing the RTEMS configuration parameters.  As the user set values, the program would store this information in another XML format file.  When it was time to write the C code to use with the RTEMS application, the GUI application would write that.  So we would have:
     492 *  XML file describing RTEMS configuration parameters
     493 *  XML save file with user settings
     494 *  C/H file output for use with RTEMS application
    491495= Automated GNU Tools Testing =