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    235235Page based memory system is supported by CPUs with MMU. Introducing MMU support and page based memory management systems can benefit RTEMS a lot as regarded to memory protection, reduce memory fragmentation.
     237= Simple Line Editor =
     240'''Status:''' No active volunteers.
     242The [wiki:Http// RTEMS Shell and Monitor] have a simple line editor.  They use a very similar implementation.  One may refactor this into a common implementation which is usable in a general environment.
     244There are 3 parts:
     245 *  The key definitions moved to rtems-lineeditor.h
     246 *  The line editor function, ie rtems_shell_line_editor
     247 *  The terminal parser, ie rtems_shell_getchar
     249Some notes: The shell interface and code is better than the monitor. The shell uses FILE handles and this is nice for redirection and multi-user usage (a threaded version). It also supports a command history. The caller should provide the terminal type. This could be a string or a pointer to the terminal data returned to the caller after a call to get the terminal data with a string. It is recommended to review some of the keys actions, for example C-f, to make sure they are considered standard in relation to a normal shell. One should consider cutting out the code that disables echo and obtains the password and putting it in getpass().  See the linux man page.  We don't
     250have a controlling /dev/tty so just make it work exactly like it does now.
    236251= Third Party Packages =