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    328328VxWorks in regards to limits on object instances while still preserving
    329329the hard limits which are needed by many RTEMS users.
     330= Page based memory management system =
     333Status: No active volunteers.
     335Page based memory system is support in lots of cpu with MMU. By introduce page based system into RTEMS, RTEMS can benefit lots as regarded to memory protection, reduce fragmentation of memory.
     336= ArgoUML integrated with RTEMS =
     339Status: No active volunteers.
     341ArgoUML is a java base CASE tool. It can generage C++ code from UML and it is very useful in large scale firmware development. First step of integrating ArgoUML with RTEMS is converting some of the RTEMS C++ class into UML of ArgoUML.
     342= IDL base components model support in RTEMS  =
     345Status: No active volunteers.
     347Interface base development model (normal known as COM in Microsoft’s world) is very helpful for large scale software development. Major commercial RTOS like vxworks, lynxOS support IDL/COM.  Introduce IDL and COM model need an idl compiler, and also there are lots type of COM to choose in open source world like Universal Network Objects from Sun (used in openoffice), XPIDL developed by mozilla and SWIG ( etc.
    330348= RTEMS Testing =