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    251251This is an important area of work since any target that can be tested
    252252easily and in an automated fashion on a simulator is always in better
    253 shape.  Here is a list of BSPs on simulators that are currnetly thought
     253shape.  Here is a list of BSPs on simulators that are currently thought
    254254to be of high interest because they would add significantly to our
    255255testing infrastructure:
    259259 *  a BSP for a QEMU or [wiki:Developer/Simulators/SkyEye SkyEye] ARM PXA target.
    260260 *  a BSP for [wiki:Developer/Simulators/SkyEye SkyEye] edp9312 target configured to match the < USD200 Olimex board.
     262The [ GXEmul SkyEye] project emulates a number of ARM-, PPC-, MIPS-, and SH4- based platforms, including [ "test-machines" SkyEye] which may be good targets for RTEMS.
    262264Where available please include support for networking and graphics.  The RTEMS Project uses simulators for automated testing as well as for manual testing of features like graphics and network application behavior.  Full featured simulator BSPs make this much easier.  It also provides more BSPs which anyone on the project has access to free with no need for special hardware to be purchased.