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    8282Some of the identified activities which would augment our testing capabilities are listed here:
    83  *  ~~[wiki:Projects/Open/TestingImprovements RTEMS Testing] - General testing framework for RTEMS.~~
    8483 *  ''[wiki:Projects/Open/TestSpecification RTEMS Test Specification]'' - Develop a formal test specification.
    8584 *  [wiki:Projects/Open/TestScreenValidation RTEMS Test Screen Validation] - Create a tool to validate test output.
    86  *  ~~'' '''[wiki:Projects/Open/CoverageAnalysis Improve Coverage Analysis]''' '' - Strive for 100% coverage.~~
    8785 *  '''[wiki:Projects/Open/ImproveGDBSim Improve GDB Simulation]''' - Fixing some issues in GDB Simulators.
    8886 *  [wiki:Projects/Open/SimulatorUpdates Simulator Updates] - Find and fix problems in BSPs that target simulators.
    8987 *  [wiki:Projects/Open/GNUToolsTesting  Testing of the GNU Tools] - Improve Tools Testing on RTEMS targets
    90  *  ~~[wiki:Projects/Open/POSIXComplianceTestSuite  POSIX Compliance Test Suite] Develop cross-platform POSIX API Compliance tests (Ticket #2262).
    91      * Ticket #2262 is obsolete, refer to ticket #2966
    92      * The task to add POSIX Compliance Tests has been divided into smaller tasks for GCI students to work on, and many of these have been added successfully, and bugs have also been reported in tickets. The main task is now fixing the bugs which have been identified such as fixing missing function prototypes.
    9388 *  [wiki:Projects/Open/TestTemplate RTEMS Test Template] - Improve automatic generation of tests.
    9489 *  ''[wiki:Projects/Open/Fault_injection Fault tolerance]'' - get a fault injection tool to work with RTEMS and create tutorials and examples.
    106101 * ''[wiki:Projects/Open/StackAnalysis Static Analysis of Stack Usage]'' - Develop a tool for static analysis of stack usage.
    107102 * ''[wiki:Projects/Open/PythonCoverageReporting Python Coverage Reporting (Python)]'' - Convert coverage reporting to Python and integrate into RTEMS Tools.
    108  * ~~'' '''[wiki:Projects/Open/TesterImprovements RTEMS Test Improvements (Python)]''' '' - Improve RTEMS Tester (rtems-test) by adding simulator recipes for more simulators.~~
    109103 * [wiki:Projects/Open/GCovReports GCov Reports] - Use gcov output as generated by covoar to generate useful reports.
    110104 * [wiki:Projects/Open/GProfReports GProf Reports] - Use gprof output as generated by covoar to generate useful reports.
    128122= Run-Time Statistics =
    130  *  ~~'' '''[wiki:Projects/Open/TraceTool  Run-Time Tracing]''' '' - Trace improvements and visualization.~~
    131124 *  ''[wiki:Projects/Open/CPU_Statistics CPU Statistics]'' - Improvements to CPU Usage Statistics.
    132125 *  ''[wiki:Projects/Open/StackChecker Stack Checker]'' - Improvements to Stack Bounds Checker.
    134127= Board Support Package (BSP) =
    136  * ~~~'''[wiki:Projects/Open/x86_64_BSP x86_64 BSP]''' - Create an x86_64 BSP to allow RTEMS to run on OTS hardware and popular emulators. This is related to some of the pc386 BSP Improvements.~~~
    137  * ~~~'''[wiki:Projects/Open/ImprovePC386 PC386 BSP Improvements]''' - The BSP needs to support non-legacy PC configurations as well as address a few other issues. The x86_64 BSP project should only support non-legacy PC configurations.~~~
    138  * ~~~'''[wiki:Projects/Open/ImproveBeagleBSP Beagle BSP improvements]''' - More peripherals and other improvements for the Beagleboard family.~~~
    139  * ~~~'''[wiki:Projects/Open/ImproveRaspberryPiBSP Raspberry Pi improvements]''' - More peripherals and other improvements for Raspberry Pi.~~~
    140  * ~~~[wiki:Projects/Open/Emulatei386BIOS x86 BIOS emulation for VESA] - This is Pavel Pisa's idea.~~~
    141  * ~~~[wiki:Projects/Open/MicroblazePort Port RTEMS to Microblaze architecture] - New architecture port.~~~
    142  * ~~~[wiki:Projects/Open/SimulatorBSPs More BSPs for Simulators] - RTEMS can always use more BSPs for simulators (and readily available boards or open cores).~~~
    143  * ~~~[wiki:Projects/Open/MemoryProtection Memory Protection] - Implement MMU low-level support code for more BSPs.~~~
    144  * ~~~''[wiki:Projects/Open/MergeLEON Merge Leon]'' - Merging Gaisler LEON support code into mainstream RTEMS.~~~
    145129 * [wiki:Projects/Open/EdisonBSP x86 Edison] - on hold due to unavailability of open information
    147131= API Layers (POSIX, Classic, SAPI) =
    149  *  ~~~'''[wiki:Projects/Open/POSIXCompliance POSIX Compliance]''' - Improve POSIX compliance for RTEMS.~~~
    150133 *  [wiki:Projects/Open/OSEK OSEK] - Implement [ OSEK] automotive APIs.
    151134 *  [wiki:Projects/Open/ProgammableLogicController Programmable Logic Controller] - Enable RTEMS as a [ Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)].