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    419  *  C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT)
    420  *  Device Software Development Platform (DSDP)
    421  *  Target Management.
    423419See as
    424420a reference.
    432428hardware or anything that costs to verify that their implementation
    433429works with multiple hardware configurations.
     431'''Eclipse Integration Sub Projects:'''
     433'''Basic cross development integration.''' This can currently be accomplished using Eclipse and the CDT ( C/C++ development toolkit ). There are at  least a few RTEMS users who use Eclipse for RTEMS cross development now. The possible work here ranges from documenting the process of setting it up, and  deciding how the RTEMS applications will be managed and built, all the way to providing RTEMS new project wizards and RTEMS application plugins: One requirement an RTEMS plugin would contribute is an RTEMS "nature" to a C/C++ project: this "nature" would inform Eclipse where to find RTEMS headers and libs, a cross-build toolchain, etc. Accompanying the RTEMS "nature" could be a set of one or more "preference pages" where a developer would configure fairly static items such as RTEMS install and source locations, PATH additions, etc. Finally, an RTEMS new-project "wizard" could be built. Among other duties, this wizard would prompt the user to select from a choice of available BSPs, modify or accept default application configuration parameters such as which RTEMS Managers and filesystems to include, RTEMS_TICKS_PER_MICROSECOND, etc. This sort of implies that a userConf.h template be created (which may be useful elsewhere)...
     435The new-project wizard would require the most work, but may well be worth it: How nice would it be for new users to click a few buttons and POOF, an RTEMS "Hello World" application is instantiated from templates and ready to be loaded onto hardware or simulator ???
     437'''GNU debugger integration.''' This can be accomplished using the Zylin Embedded CDT plugin:
     439There may be other RTEMS specific items that could enhance the debugger interface in Eclipse. Perhaps when using CEXP and the RTEMS GDB stub, you can build a module and click a button to download it to the target?
     441'''Eclipse interaction with the target system:''' There are Eclipse plug-ins that provide serial terminal emulation, Telnet, and FTP connections to the remote target. Using these would provide a more integrated RTEMS development / debug environment. This functionality is currently provided by the Eclipse Remote Systems Explorer ( RSE ) plugin.
     443'''Integration of RTEMS with the Eclipse Device software development platform:''' The Eclipse DSDP is an effort to use eclipse as a standard way of developing , debugging and otherwise interacting with embedded devices. [[BR]]
     444Website here:
     446There are many sub-projects in there, but some of the interesting ones are:[[BR]]
     447Device Debugging:[[BR]]
     448Target management:[[BR]]
     450One of the interesting aspects of this is how Wind River has adopted Eclipse as the platform for vxWorks and Embedded Linux development. 
     451It appears that they are putting significant effort into contributing code back to the DSDP platform and trying to help create open standards for this type of development environment. It would be nice if this work ends up meaning that an Eclipse platform could talk to a target server on either vxWorks, Linux, or RTEMS.
     453'''Distribution/packaging:'''  Create an "update site" where Eclipse users can point their IDE at to obtain RTEMS plugins (e.g.
    434454= CEXP =