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    2121If one of the projects sounds interesting, but lacks detail, ask on an RTEMS mailing list for details and we can all help scope the project.
     23= Help Convert to Tickets =
     25We have started converting each of the projects listed here to tickets. Any help in the process is appreciated.
     26A standard workflow for the same would be:
     27 * Create a new ticket (New Ticket(direct) in Trac).
     28 * The summary of the ticket should be the title of the open project.
     29 * The content of the project page should form the description of the ticket. May require [ WikiFormatting]. (Perhaps it would be a good idea to just click on "Edit this page" down on the project's page and copy the already wikiformatted text.)
     30 * Put the "Type" of the ticket as "enhancement"
     31 * Put the "milestone" to be "indefinite".
     32 * One of the mentors of the project should be mentioned in the "Owner" field and you should CC the rest of them. If no mentors are mentioned, keep the fields blank.
     33 * The "Keywords" field should be put to "SoC" denoting any Summer of Code RTEMS participates in.
     34 * We might want to use some other keywords e.g. to define the project type (e.g. one of: testing, ecosystem, kernel, statistics, BSP, API, libbsd, languages, libraries)
     35 * Add an appropriate "component"
     36If you are unsure about anything, ask on the mailing list.
     38The tickets are the newer and more relevant version of the content on the project's page. When in doubt, consider the description in the tickets as valid.
    2340= Testing =