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    111111 * [wiki:Projects/Open/TIPC Port Transparent IPC] - Port [ Transparent IPC (TIPC)].
    112112 * [wiki:Projects/Open/LineEditor Line Editor]. Implement a simple line editor. Existing code can be refactored for a starting point.
    113  * [wiki:Projects/Open/RTL Runtime Loader (RTL)] -  RTL enables a base application with RTEMS to dynamically load the rest of the application. The dynamic parts can be optional features and never loaded, or upgraded replacements for parts of the application.
     113 * [wiki:Projects/Open/RTL Runtime Loader (RTL)] -  Dynamic object code loading.
    114114 *  '''RTEMS Toolkits''' - We are defining collections of libraries and support programs which make it easier to get started for certain types of applications.  We haven't identified all potential toolkits or components.  Each potential component must be evaluated for license and appropriateness for use in an embedded environment like RTEMS.  We also should define some guidelines about creating and maintaining toolkits in general. The eventual goal is to have these toolkits buildable by the RTEMS Source Builder. Here are the toolkits areas identified so far:
    115115  *  Define a generic (RTEMS Source Builder based) infrastructure for building and maintaining toolkits.