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    2626Some of the identified activities which would augment our testing capabilities are listed here:
    27  *  ''[wiki:Projects/Open/TestingImprovements RTEMS Testing]. Testing for RTEMS, including Unit, Regression operational and building a custom test harness.  No prior knowledge of software testing is required. (SOCIS)''
    28  *  [wiki:Projects/Open/TestSpecification RTEMS Test Specification] - Need a formal test specification.  Ideally, inspired by some notes about existing test specifications can be found .
    29  *  [wiki:Projects/Open/TestScreenValidation RTEMS Test Screen Validation] - This requires expertise in a unit testing framework, probably DejaGnu, and will probably need to be tied into [ rtems-testing] and [ rtems-tools].
    30  *  [wiki:Projects/Open/CoverageAnalysis] - '''[wiki:TBR/UserManual/RTEMS_Coverage_Analysis  Test Coverage Analysis]''' - In general, there are specific areas that need actual tests written and areas in which the RTEMS Project tools need work to improve our testing ability. Look until Tools and Development Environment for those projects. This section focuses on improvements to coverage by adding more test cases, reworking code to eliminate the need for additional test cases, etc.. Eliminating dead code and reaching 100% coverage helps reduce the likelihood of new and recurrent bugs.
    31  *  [wiki:Projects/Open/SimulatorUpdates Simulator Updates] - Test BSPs that target simulators to find and fix problems. It is important to ensure that BSPs which run on simulators pass all tests possible.
     27 *  ''[wiki:Projects/Open/TestingImprovements RTEMS Testing]. General testing framework for RTEMS.''
     28 *  [wiki:Projects/Open/TestSpecification RTEMS Test Specification] - Develop a formal test specification.
     29 *  [wiki:Projects/Open/TestScreenValidation RTEMS Test Screen Validation] - Create a tool to validate test output.
     30 *  [wiki:Projects/Open/CoverageAnalysis Improve Coverage Analysis] - Strive for 100% coverage.
     31 *  [wiki:Projects/Open/SimulatorUpdates Simulator Updates] - Find and fix problems in BSPs that target simulators.
    3232 *  [wiki:Projects/Open/GNUToolsTesting  Testing of the GNU Tools] - Improve Tools Testing on RTEMS targets
    33  *  [wiki:Projects/Open/POSIXComplianceTestSuite  POSIX Compliance Test Suite] There are multiple aspects to this project. One aspect is the addition of interface compliance tests for rest of POSIX API. Another part is running third party C Library and POSIX API tests (e.g. from glibc, *BSD, or the older Intel POSIX suite)  against RTEMS and newlib. Ultimately, we would like functional coverage test results on newlib as well as RTEMS. Results of third party existing tests would have to be carefully evaluated to ensure appropriateness and results. Related: Improve the POSIX API Compliance test (testsuites/psxtests/psxhdrs). Details described in Ticket #2262.
    34  *  [wiki:Projects/Open/TestTemplate RTEMS Test Template] - Improve by adding functionality
     33 *  [wiki:Projects/Open/POSIXComplianceTestSuite  POSIX Compliance Test Suite] Develop cross-platform POSIX API Compliance tests (Ticket #2262).
     34 *  [wiki:Projects/Open/TestTemplate RTEMS Test Template] - Improve automatic generation of tests.
    3535 *  [wiki:Projects/Open/Fault_injection Fault tolerance]: get a fault injection tool to work with RTEMS and create tutorials and examples.