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    3535 *  [wiki:Projects/Open/SimulatorUpdates Simulator Updates] - This is a new idea for a project and has not been described beyond what is here. Ask on the rtems-devel mailing list for more advice. The RTEMS Project relies heavily on multiple FOSS simulators including qemu and skyeye. We have multiple BSPs which are tested on simulators. Each BSP will need to be tested against the current release and development version of each simulator. If there is a problem, then the issue will have to be identified (possibly using something like git bisect) and the student will have to fix it in the simulator. As an example of this, we believe some ARM BSPs which worked on older versions of Skyeye no longer work on the current version. In some cases, the RTEMS Project is carrying unmerged patches for a simulator (at least qemu m68k and arm) which need to be updated to their development head and submitted. You will try to get the simulator developers to include RTEMS hello world and ticker executables for BSPs their simulator supports in their simulator tests to avoid future breakage. And you will ensure that the scripts in rtems-testing/sim-scripts are working for the latest version of the simulator. We would also like instructions on running the leon BSPs on qemu. Please ask questions. This is a broad project.
    3636 * [wiki:GSoC/Projects/TestTemplate RTEMS Test Template] - Improve by adding functionality
     37 * [wiki:Developer/Testing/Specifications RTEMS Test Specification] - Need a formal test specification.  Ideally, inspired by some notes about existing test specifications can be found .
    3738= Tools and Development Environment =