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/* High Priority Projects */ Move BUS Space API to TCP/IP Stack Update


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    3535 *  [wiki:RTEMS_Test_Coverage  Test Coverage Analysis] - Improve coverage by adding more test cases. Eliminating dead code and reaching 100% coverage helps reduce the likelihood of new and recurrent bugs.
    3636 *  [wiki:Projects/TCP/IP_update  Update the RTEMS TCP/IP stack] - The networking stack is old and showing it. This project actively underway.  At a high level, this effort requires porting the TCP/IP stack and providing support functional equivalents of multiple BSD kernel constructs.  This project in its entirety is too large for a SOC but there are many smaller projects which are appropriate for SOC.
    37   *  [wiki:BusSpaceAPI_  Bus Space API]. Supercore namespace RTEMS-specific API in the spirit of the [ BSD bus_space API]. This project may be too large for a SOC.
    3937 *  RTEMS Toolkits - We are defining collections of libraries and support programs which make it easier to get started for certain types of applications.  We haven't identified all potential toolkits or components.  Each potential component must be evaluated for license and appropriateness for use in an embedded environment like RTEMS.  We also should define some guidelines about creating and maintaining these kits. Here are the toolkits areas identified so far:
    4038  *  [wiki:Projects/ApplicationConfigurationKit RTEMS ConfigKit] - configuration file parsing libraries