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    3030These are small projects that could be tackled by anyone.  They are mostly projects which can easily be nibbled on in small work units.  They may require no coding or modest coding skill.  Some of these will require the ability to read code and analyse it.  Some of these will be good projects to tackle in an "Introduction to FOSS" class or as a class project by a student.  Individual tasks may also be useful for those new to RTEMS and looking to try a simple project to learn the ropes.  See [wiki:Developer/SmallProjects Small Projects] for details.
     31= Active Projects =
     33This section lists open projects that are actively being worked on, for example by summer of code students.
     34= RTEMS Testing =
     36 *  [wiki:Testing/Filesystem  File System Test Suite]
     37 *  [wiki:TBR/Delete/POSIXTimingTests  POSIX Timing Tests]
     38= Development Environment Oriented =
     41= RTEMS Run-Time Oriented =
     43 *  Various ideas have been proposed related to hypervisors and virtualization.  They are captured [wiki:Projects/Hypervisor  here] -----GSOC2011 project.
     44 *  [wiki:MMU_Support_  MMU Support] for RTEMS.  This has had some work.  See that page for status.
     45 *  [wiki:GSoC/2011/ISO9660_Filesystem  ISO9660 file system]
     46= Third Party Packages  =
     48 *  RTEMS port of the [wiki:Projects/GNUJavaCompiler  GNU Java Compiler (gjc)]
    3149= RTEMS Testing =
    3654Some of the identified activities which would augment our testing capabilities are listed here:
    38  *  [wiki:Testing/Filesystem  File System Test Suite]
    39  *  [wiki:TBR/Delete/POSIXTimingTests  POSIX Timing Tests]
    4055 *  [wiki:RTEMS_Test_Coverage  Test Coverage Analysis]  is an important area in RTEMS.
    4156 *  [wiki:Projects/POSIXComplianceTestSuite  POSIX Compliance Test Suite]
    4964RTEMS is a free real-time operating system that must compete against commercial closed source offerings that have very impressive looking GUI oriented Development Environments.  The RTEMS Project has spent years honing RTEMS and tuning it to be a competitive run-time and it certainly the technical capabilities to compete.  But often RTEMS gets dinged for not having a "pretty face".  Some of the projects in this category address that deficiency.
    51 The following areas have been identified for projects related to  GUI development environments:
     66The following areas have been identified for projects related to GUI development environments:
    5368 *  Improvements in the [wiki:Developer/Eclipse/Information RTEMS Eclipse Integration]
    6782 *  Use [wiki:UseHashOrMapInNotepadsAndKeys_  Maps or Hashes] in the implementation of Classic API Notepads and POSIX API Keys.
    6883 *  RTEMS can always use [wiki:TBR/Delete/MoreBSPsForSimulators  more BSPs for Simulators].  Being able to test, debug, and perform coverage analysis on simulators is critical to the ongoing success of the project.
    69  *  Various ideas have been proposed related to hypervisors and virtualization.  They are captured [wiki:Projects/Hypervisor  here] -----GSOC2011 project.
    7084 *  Identify and implement the functionality currently missing in ''dup()''
    7185 *  Implement a [wiki:Projects/Open/LineEditor  Simple Line Editor].  Existing code can be refactored for starting point.
    7286 *  [wiki:Projects/SystemEvents  RTEMS System Events] is a project to add a first class object for events.  Currently all event sets are tied to a specific thread.
    7387 *  Implement OSEK Support []
    74  *  Integrate [wiki:RTEMSgprof_  support for gprof].
    7588 *  Port Transparent IPC ( to RTEMS
    7689 *  Support for new Processor Families - Xtensa, Cortex/Thumb-2, Microblaze
    7790 *  Add cache manager support for architectures not having it.
    7891 *  Investigate the feasibility of implementing applicable sections of the [ IEC 61131] standard to enable RTEMS-enabled hardware to act as a [ Programmable Logic Controller].  More information on the IEC 61131 standard can be found at .  [] is an open source framework for automation that may be a useful starting point.
    79  *  Port RTEMS to a [ Xen] or other hypervisor environment.
    8092 *  [wiki:Projects/Refactor_the_filesystem_infrastructure Refactor the filesystem infrastructure]
    81  *  Implement current version of µITRON Interface []
    8294= Run-Time Projects With Some Work =
    8799 *  [wiki:Projects/TinyRTEMS TinyRTEMS] is an umbrella term that corresponds to any activities or ideas that could shrink the code and data space requirements for RTEMS.  The goal is to progressively lower the minimum CPU requirements.
    88  *  [wiki:MMU_Support_  MMU Support] for RTEMS.  This has had some work.  See that page for status.
    89100 *  Improve the RTEMS [wiki:SuperCore_Scheduler_  SuperCore Scheduler]
    90  *  Merge [wiki:SimpleScalar_  BSP for Simplescalar simulator]
    91  *  [wiki:GSoC/2011/ISO9660_Filesystem  ISO9660 file system]
    92  *  Various projects to port BSD system components.    In addition to general issues about integrating BSD code into RTEMS, there are specific status and issues for each of the individual projects. Details on each project are below: 
    93   *  [ Rosetta OS] [wiki:Projects/RosettaOSDeviceDriverAPI  OS Independent Device Driver API]
    94   *  more [wiki:TBR/Delete/Libbsd-port  NIC device drivers]
    95   *  [wiki:Projects/TCP/IP_update  update the RTEMS TCP/IP stack]
     101 *  more [wiki:TBR/Delete/Libbsd-port  NIC device drivers]
     102 *  [wiki:Projects/TCP/IP_update  update the RTEMS TCP/IP stack]
    96104= Projects Whose Page Need Updating =
    123131 *  Improve [wiki:Projects/GNUToolsTesting  Testing of the GNU Tools] on RTEMS targets
    124  *  RTEMS port of the [[GNUJavaCompiler| GNU Java Compiler (gjc)]]
    125  *  [[GDB_Python|GDB Python]] Script support for RTEMS
     132 *  [wiki:Projects/GDB_Python GDB Python] Script support for RTEMS
    127134There are host operating systems which do not have prebuilt RTEMS tools available.  These projects are about addressing that need:
    129  *  Complete implementation of [[DebianHostedTools| Debian Packages]].
    130  *  Prebuilt [[MacOSHostedTools|MacOS tools]]
     136 *  Complete implementation of [wiki:Building/DebianHostedTools  Debian Packages].
     137 *  Prebuilt [wiki:TBR/Delete/MacOSHostedTools MacOS tools]
     138= Obsolete Projects =
     140Some projects have been proposed that are viewed as being of minor use. This list is meant to provide a way to avoid wasted effort on projects that are not widely desired. However, projects on this list might still be useful to someone, given a motivated individual to work on them.
     142 *  Integrate [[RTEMSgprof | support for gprof]].
     143 *  Merge [[SimpleScalar | BSP for Simplescalar simulator]]
     144 *  [ Rosetta OS] [[RosettaOSDeviceDriverAPI| OS Independent Device Driver API]]
     145 *  Implement current version of µITRON Interface []