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RTEMS GIT Repository

RTEMS project's revision control tool is Git and the git repositories can be located at

Why git?

Git is a distributed revision control system with an emphasis on speed and data safety. With git revision control system each user has a full featured copy of the main repository. Each revision control operation is done in the local repository and can be later shared using patches or by direct push to the main repository.

RTEMS Git Repositories

The following modules are in the RTEMS GIT Repository and currently actively used for development. The complete list of available development modules can be found at

  • rtems.git - RTEMS Itself
  • Examples
    • examples-v2.git - RTEMS Examples (merges all other non-networked example collections)
    • network-demos.git - Example RTEMS Networking Programs
  • rtems-testing.git - Helpful scripts for testing. Includes Simulator Scripts, Coverage Testing help, git helpers, RTEMS testing, and GCC testing aids.
  • rtems-addon-packages.git - Free software libraries that have been ported to RTEMS including AVL, TCL, ncurses, readline, and zlib.
  • rtems-graphics-toolkit.git - Graphic support libraries for RTEMS.
  • rtems-schedsim-git - Scheduling Simulator

RTEMS Git Server

RTEMS has a dedicated Git server. The machine runs cgit to provide a web interface to GIT, the GIT protocol for direct read-only access and ssh accounts for those with commit access. The configuration is standard with the only hook currently used to send commit details to the rtems-vc@… mailing list.

Git Access for Users

The git repository is available read-only to the public at large, and anyone is welcome to submit a patch (with proper licensing) by mailing it to the rtems-devel mailing list? or filing a bug report?. See the Git Users? page for access instructions and some useful git commands.

Git Access for Committers

A small set of selected people have write permission. The Git Committers? page has policies and procedures for committing changes to the RTEMS repositories.

Learn more about Git

Links to site with good Git information.

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