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RTEMS GIT Repository


RTEMS project is currently in the process of migrating its CVS repositories to GIT. A git repository has already been setup and is currently available for testing at The conversion plan for this undergoing migration is in the CVS to GIT wiki page. The git repository is available read-only to the public at large. Only a small subset of people have write permission, but everyone is welcome to commit a patch with proper licensing.

Why git?

Git is a DVCS...

RTEMS GIT Repositories

The following modules are in the RTEMS GIT Repository and currently actively used for development. The complete list of available development modules can be found at

  • rtems.git - RTEMS Itself
  • Examples
    • examples.git - RTEMS Examples (merges all other non-networked example collections)
    • network-demos.git - Example RTEMS Networking Programs
  • rtems-testing.git - Helpful scripts for testing. Includes Simulator Scripts, Coverage Testing help, CVS helpers, RTEMS atesting, and GCC testing aids.
  • rtems-addon-packages.git - Free software libraries that have been ported to RTEMS including AVL, TCL, ncurses, readline, and zlib.
  • rtems-graphics-toolkit.git - Graphic support libraries for RTEMS.
  • rtems-schedsim-git - Scheduling Simulator

GIT Access

Browse the GIT Repository Online

You can browse our GIT history of all available repositories online by accessing

Using the GIT Repository

Most of the community will use the RTEMS GIT Repository anonymously and have read-only access. Using this way you can check out any code revision of RTEMS that is in our repository. The following examples will use the RTEMS main repository, but they are also valid for the other modules.

First we need to obtain our own local copy of the RTEMS git repository:

 git clone git:// rtems

This command will create a folder named rtems in the current directory. This folder will contain all the rtems git history and the current HEAD revision checked out. Since all the history is available, we can checkout any release of RTEMS. Major RTEMS releases are available as separate branches in the repo. To see all available remote branches issue the following command:

 git branch -r

git checkout git remote git fetch git merge

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