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Documentation Projects

Welcome! Whether you're here because of Google Season of Docs (GSoD) or just want to scratch an itch, we invite you to peruse our documentation projects and ask about them on the RTEMS devel mailing list or IRC. If you plan to submit a proposal to do something for the RTEMS Project as part of GSoD, see Getting Started for GSoD Technical Writers.

Documentation Project Ideas List

Open projects are held in Trac as Trac tickets. If one of the projects sounds interesting, but lacks detail, ask on the RTEMS Devel mailing list (subscribe first) for details, and we can all help scope the project. The owner field indicates a possible primary mentor for the project.

The list in no specific order is:

Ticket Summary Owner
#3737 Improve Accessibility of User Manual Chris Johns
#3738 Refactor the Software Engineering Manual Joel Sherrill
#3739 Write a Tutorial for EPICS/RTEMS Gedare Bloom

Adding New Documentation Projects

Open projects are managed as Trac Tickets. To create a new project:

  • Create a new ticket by clicking on New Ticket.
  • The Summary field of the ticket is the title of the open project.
  • The Description field of the ticket is the project detail. Please use the WikiFormatting to enhance the readability of the project's details. If you are not sure please review existing open projects as an example.
  • Set the Type field of the ticket as "project". This would have already been filled if you clicked on the New Ticket link above.
  • Set the Milestone field to be "Indefinite". This would have already been filled if you clicked on the New Ticket link above.
  • One of the potential primary mentors of the project should be mentioned in the Owner field and you should CC the rest of the mentors. If no mentors are mentioned, keep the fields blank.
  • The Keywords field should be set to "SoC doc" denoting a Season of Docs project.
  • Select an appropriate component for the Component field, this will normally be "doc" for GSoD projects.

If you are unsure about anything, please ask on the RTEMS Users mailing list.

Other Documentation Projects

The following are documentation-related tasks that have not yet been scoped for a GSoD project, but might be sufficient for a GSoD or may be included as part of one.

Ticket Summary Owner
#2189 Insufficient documentation for rtems_clock_get_tod() Needs Funding
#2200 Missing IRC logs Amar Takhar
#2688 POSIX User Manual has incomplete sections. Needs Funding
#2861 Collaspe boxes hover on should indicate clickable. Chris Johns
#3303 PDF documentation is formatted as multi-column Chris Johns
#3304 catalogue is wrong
#3651 Sphinx 1.8 PDF (latex) on FreeBSD does not build
#1512 Shell commands update Chris Johns
#2342 Doxygen does not include mscgen figures
#2504 Doxygen for automatically generated headers in TMS570 Needs Funding
#2506 RTEMS Linker and Tester Wiki Confusion Chris Johns
#2806 Undocumented confdefs.h Configure Options Needs Funding
#2846 Add SD/MMC driver documentation Sebastian Huber
#2848 Add RTEMS counter documentation Sebastian Huber
#2852 Basic chapters of driver manual are out of date Needs Funding
#2854 What to do with the README files in the RTEMS sources? Sebastian Huber
#2855 Next generation of RTEMS documentation Sebastian Huber
#2856 Improve the SPI framework documentation Sebastian Huber
#2857 Improve the I2C framework documentation Sebastian Huber
#2871 Use bibtex references thoughout the documentation
#2892 Use of C domain in shpinx documentation? Needs Funding
#2985 Add documentation for printk() chrisj@…
#2986 Convert Coding Style to Sphinx Document chrisj@…
#2998 RTEMS User Manual Quick Start does not cover releases. chrisj@…
#3026 Driver Manager Documentation Daniel Hellstrom
#3184 Document limits of time keeping data structures Sebastian Huber
#3206 BSPs Wiki Page is Out of Date
#3208 Update the RTEMS Porting Guide Sebastian Huber
#3221 RSB wiki page duplicates documentation Chris Johns
#3233 Documentation has a number of warning that need fixing.
#3311 Update for Sphinx 1.7 compatibility Chris Johns
#3321 Improve console driver documentation Sebastian Huber
#3381 rtems-test command line documentation appears to be out of date Chris Johns
#3430 Add Benchmarking statistics for block device drivers udit agarwal
#3473 Getting Started Wiki Page Redundant with Users Guide
#3481 Update no_cpu/no_bsp for currently applicable advice
#3492 Incorporate High Quality SPARC Web Page into CPU SUpplement
#3540 How To Use SPARC memscrub Daniel Hellstrom
#3610 [UPDATE WIKI PAGE] TBR/Review/Debugging/Start Needs Funding
#3688 rtems-docs fails to build with python3
#3702 Space profile for RTEMS SMP Sebastian Huber
#3703 Technical Specification (TS) for space profile Sebastian Huber
#3704 Review and update Doxygen recommendations Sebastian Huber
#3705 Software Design Document (SDD) for space profile Sebastian Huber
#3706 Create a hierarchy of RTEMS software components using Doxygen groups Sebastian Huber
#3707 Assign each code file to a Doxygen group Sebastian Huber
#3708 Remove Doxygen comments from confdefs.h Sebastian Huber
#3715 Add Requirements Engineering chapter to RTEMS Software Engineering Handbook Sebastian Huber
#3716 Unit, integration and validation tests for space profile Sebastian Huber
#3717 Add test guidelines chapter to RTEMS Software Engineering Handbook Sebastian Huber
#3721 Doxygen param "in/out" attributes not matching function behavior
#3726 Select a requirements engineering tool Sebastian Huber
#3737 Improve Accessibility of User Manual Chris Johns
#3738 Refactor the Software Engineering Manual Joel Sherrill
#3739 Write a Tutorial for EPICS/RTEMS Gedare Bloom
#3751 No documentation on Region Get Information Directives
#3752 Strong APA Scheduler Undocumented Sebastian Huber
#3795 RTEMS Source Builder | README | Broken link
#3796 docs/develenv directory structure bitrot
#3078 Section 5.1. Prefixes is difficult to interpret chrisj@…
#3788 Documentation of Cygwin Packages