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Documentation Projects

Welcome! Whether you're here because of Google Season of Docs (GSoD) or just want to scratch an itch, we invite you to peruse our documentation projects and ask about them on the RTEMS devel mailing list or IRC. If you plan to submit a proposal to do something for the RTEMS Project as part of GSoD, see Getting Started for GSoD Technical Writers.

Project Ideas List

Open projects are held in Trac as Trac tickets. If one of the projects sounds interesting, but lacks detail, ask on the RTEMS Devel mailing list (subscribe first) for details, and we can all help scope the project. The owner field indicates a possible primary mentor for the project.

The list in no specific order is:

Ticket Summary Owner
#3737 Improve Accessibility of User Manual Chris Johns
#3738 Refactor the Software Engineering Manual Joel Sherrill
#3739 Write a Tutorial for EPICS/RTEMS Gedare Bloom