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RTEMS Database

Table of Contents

  1. RTEMS Database

Note: The RDB has not been deployed yet but will be soon.

The RTEMS database is a central repository that holds all central project data. With this we will be able to have a fully cross-referenced repository of information that goes backwards to the creation of RTEMS to the present. It can also hold data set in the future for releases that have not happened.

There are a central set of 'key' data points that must be filled in on an ongoing process. They are:

  • Architecture
  • BSP
  • Board
  • ChangeLog
  • CPU
  • CPU Family
  • Feature
  • Learn
  • News
  • Orginisation
  • Tool
  • Types
    • Availability
      • Open Source, Commercial, Dual, Restricted...
    • Architecture
      • All, 32bit, 64bit, PowerPC, Universal...
    • Platform
      • All, Windows, OS X, Unix, Linux FreeBSD...
    • Distribution
      • Source Code, Binary...
    • Change
      • General, Bugfix, Changed Added, Removed...
    • Maturity
      • Nightly, Alpha, Beta, RC, Stable, EoL...
    • AppType
      • Space, Medical, Aviation...