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Code Coverage Status

Results of various Code Coverage runs may be found at Listed below is some general Code Coverage status information about some of the BSPs supported by RTEMS.

Currently Analyzed


The SkyEye project has added coverage analysis capabilities per our specifications. We are currently using it on the following ARM targets to generate coverage reports:

  • EDB7312
  • SMDK2410

The graphs below depict the status of the ARM BSPs.

Imported from old wiki.]]

Imported from old wiki.]]

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The QEMU project ( is working to add the necessary coverage capabilities to that simulator. The source code for this project is available from The following BSP is included in the coverage reports.

  • pc386


We are using TSIM from Gaisler Research on the following BSPs:

  • ERC32
  • LEON2
  • LEON3

Not Currently Analysed


Since SkyEye supports this target architecture, we hope to one day get coverage results on the following BSPs:

  • eZKit553


SkyEye supports the Coldfire but is currently unable to run any RTEMS Coldfire BSP. Work to improve Skyeye's Coldfire support is welcomed. We look forward to being able to use it to perform coverage testing on the following BSPs.

  • mcf5206elite

In addition Qemu has support for the Coldfire and we can run the uC5282 BSP on it. Unfortunately, the Qemu ColdFire? support does not yet include tracing.


Qemu includes support for various PowerPC boards. We have not yet matched a BSP with one of these that works. The likely solution is to do a minimal BSP based upon the powerpc-elf support being used by the Qemu developers. This should result in a minimal but functional BSP and be easy to cobble together.

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