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/* Coverage Analysis */

Coverage Analysis

Coverage Analysis

The project aims are as follows:

  • To perform automated coverage testing on the RTEMS code base and analyse the object level coverage provided by the RTEMS test suite
  • Identify and report parts of code that are not being exercised under the test suites
  • Analyse each case separately and classify into categories previously identified.
  • Address each of these cases and eliminate them.

We took up erc32/sparc as the first BSP/ARCH for coverage.

The coverage stats when we started off for erc32/sparc are as follows:

Total Uncovered Ranges: 208 Total Bytes Analysed: 71604 Total Bytes not executed: 2732 Percentage of executed bytes: 0.9618 Percentage of not executed bytes: 0.03815

The coverage stats as per the mid term evaluations were as follows:

Total uncovered ranges: 83 Total Bytes analyzed: 70900 Bytes not executed: 944 Percentage executed: 0.9867 Percentage not executed: 0.01331

The coverage stats as per 08/01/2009 are as follows:

Total uncovered ranges: 16 Total Bytes Analyzed: 70916 Total Bytes Not Executed: 148 Percentage Executed: 0.9979 Percentage Not Executed: 0.002087

The code can be found at the project page.
The Coverage stats can be found at the Coverage document.
The details about the patches can be found on my blog.