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This page attempts to acknowledge some of those who have contributed to RTEMS over the years. It is by no means a complete list of those who have contributed to RTEMS or even a complete list of contributions by those listed. There is no offense intended if you are left off. If you or someone else should be on this list, please ping us.

  • Joel Sherrill - Maintainer, Steering Committee, original development team
  • Jennifer Averett - Steering Committee, Filesystem, Score603e BSP
  • Ralf Corsepius - Steering Committee, Hitachi SH port, build infrastructure
  • Eric Norum - Steering Committee, Network Stack, EPICS, GEN68360 BSP
  • Chris Johns - Steering Committee, 68302 BSPs, My Right Boot
  • Andy Bray - original PowerPC port to IBM4xx
  • Matt Cross - MRM332 BSP
  • Thomas Doerfler - PowerPC BSPs
  • Kate Feng - MVME5500 BSP
  • Mitzi Freeman - original development team
  • Charles-Antione Gauthier - MVME167 and MBX8xx BSPs
  • Jiri Gaisler - SPARC and LEON support, SPARC Instruction Simulator (SIS)
  • John Gwynne - efi68k and efi332 BSPs
  • Mark Johannes - original development team
  • Alexander Kukuta - Block device driver infrastructure
  • Greg Menke - MIPS rework, Mongoose V, MTX603e BSP
  • Eugeny Mints - DOSFS, ATA and IDE drivers, libblock cache
  • Jay Monkman - eth_comm BSP, ARM port rework, and multiple Cogent BSPs
  • Alan Nelson - original development team
  • Ron O'Guin - original development team
  • Phillip Acuff - ARMY sponsor of original development team
  • Philip Quaife - Hitachi H8/300 port
  • Emmanuel Raguet - GoAhead WebServer port and DEC Tulip and WD8xxx network drivers
  • Till Straumann - CEXP, NFS client, PowerPC BSPs, EPICS
  • Eric Valette - i386 and PowerPC IRQ structure, motorola_powerpc BSP, RDBG remote debugging
  • Victor V. Vengerov - Block device driver infrastructure