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    41 A patch is a text file containing the difference between an old and new version of code. Patches against current development (git head) are preferred to patches against releases unless your patch is intended as a bug fix candidate for a release branch. Send one patch for each logical change made. Each patch you submit should be impossible to subdivide into more patches because of dependencies between the changed parts. Patches that fix code formatting to conform to [wiki:Developer/Coding/Conventions our standards] are best not mixed with substantive changes and vice versa, because the code reformatting hides the functional changes.
    43 The recommended way to create a patch is to branch the [wiki:Git git repository] master and use one commit for each logical change. Then you can use ''git-format-patch'' to turn your commits into patches and easily submit them.
    44 {{{
    45  git format-patch master
    46 }}}
    47 Creates a separate patch for each commit that has been made between the master branch and the current branch and writes them in the current directory. Use the -o flag to redirect the files to a different directory. These files, appended with .patch, are formatted so they can be emailed and rely on having git configured with your name and email address, for example
    48 {{{
    49  git config --global "Your Name"
    50  git config --global
    51 }}}
    53 If you do not have the Git repository available then you can use the diff program to create a patch by comparing an unmodified RTEMS against the version containing your changes with ''diff -up rtems rtems-new'' and redirect the output to a file.
    55 We prefer patches posted as plain text. If the patch is too big posting it gzipped is acceptable but it would be better as a branch that can be pulled/reviewed. Submit your patch to the [wiki:RTEMSMailingLists_  rtems-devel mailing list] and if the patch fixes a bug, file a PR on the [wiki:Bugzilla Bugzilla].
     41See [wiki:Git_Users#Creating_a_Patch Git Users#Creating a Patch]
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