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Doxygen Recommendations

RTEMS is much older than Doxygen and the documentation in the .h and .inl files was obviously not written with Doxygen markup. In 2007, JoelSherrill undertook converting the documentation in the .h and .inl files in the RTEMS SuperCore? to Doxygen format. As a result of this effort, the Doxygen for the CVS version of the RTEMS SuperCore? is now built automatically multiple times per day and made available on the RTEMS Website. In April 2008, JoelSherrill began to update the Classic API (e.g. cpukit/rtems) .h and .inl files to include Doxygen markup.

This page is currently just a place holder but should include RTEMS Project recommendations on writing Doxygen so we all have consistent results.

This is an area in which volunteer activity is highly appreciated.