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Atomic support

Architectures atomic support

The following table summarizes the atomic support among the CPU architectures supported by the git development head. The RTEMS-SMP means whether the SMP mode is supported by the latest SMP. The atomic-hardware means whether the architecture has atomic hardware instruction support.

Architecture Target CPU RTEMS SMP atomic-hardware atomic-instruction memory-ordering
X86 i386 Yes Yes cmpxchg Stronger
PowerPC powerpc No Yes lwarx/stwcx Weaker
SPARC (V7-V8) sparc No Yes ldstub/swap/cas(optional) Stronger (TSO-mode)
SPARC V9 sparc64 No Yes ldstub/swap/cas Stronger (TSO-mode)
MIPS mips No Yes ll/sc Weaker
ARM arm No Yes (V6 above) ldstub/swap (V6 above) Weaker
M68K m68k No Yes cad/cas32/tas
Blackfin bfin No no no
SH sh No Yes
Lattice Mico32 lm32
Altera NIOS II nios2