Debugging TMS570/TMS570LC3137 MCU

There is page with more information about TMS570 RTEMS BSP.

The basic support is included in actual OpenOCD sources ti_tmdx570ls31usb.cfg. This is configuration is for TMS570LS31x HDK Kit which integrates Ti's XDS100v2 FTDI based JTAG interface. Standalone XDS100 can be used with the custom boards as well.

But mainline OpenOCD support for this chip lacks Flash programming support (due to need of flash library blob) and because TMS570 is uncommon variant of big-endian ARMv7-R(A) architecture there is not included support for the correct software breakpoints in the mainline.

The these issues are solved in Andrey Smirnov patch series for OpenOCD including Flash programming support. But changes has not been accepted to the mainline.

The version of sources which includes these changes and workaround for problem of non-32bit accesses to the external SDRAM can be found in CTU local openocd-tms570-f021-wip.tar.gz archive used for our work on the BSP. These sources are based on OpenOCD version 0.8. Attempt to port changes to actual OpenOCD master is stored there as well but Flashing does not work yet.

Some more documentation about TMS570 and its debugging is placed on next Rtime HW wiki page. Configuration for DDD+GDB+OpenOCD is part of Premysl Houdek's GSoC 2014 RTEMS BSP utilities repository

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