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This is a set of user-defined commands for gdb which are useful in analyzing an RTEMS application. They can be used to display information about a number of RTEMS objects classes along with information about the system in general. The user defined commands should be saved in a file which is "sourced" as part of invoking gdb. This can be done in two ways. The first is from the command line:

sparc-rtems4.7-gdb --command=rtems-gdb-macros sp01.exe

The second mechanism is from the command line interactively:

sparc-rtems-gdb sp01.exe
(gdb) source rtems-gdb-macros

Once the user-defined commands have been loaded, you can do a help user-defined for a list of the user-defined commands or help rtems_XXX for detailed usage information.

--[Dr. Joel] 13:44, 11 Jul 2006 (CDT)

I found some tweaking was required to get this to work on a Coldfire based bsp.

Specifically: Changed the variable named $count to $i (don't know why I needed to do this) Adjusted the stack backtrace for Coldfire ( use frame pointer a6 as the starting point for the back trace).

--Paul Whitfield? 19:25, 6 Aug 2006 (CDT)

Moved out of the Wiki to the FTP server and updated for RTEMS 4.9. Check out

Add support for the i386. You need to edit the script file to get back trace support for your target.

--ChrisJohns? 07:00, 22 July 2008 (CDT)

--- Using GDB Commands

As described load the commands into GDB. You can use the command line used to invoke GDB, the GDB command or they can be placed in a GDB script. There currently is no standard to keep this script so I have placed it in my FTP area on the RTEMS FTP server. The link it:

Please send patches to the RTEMS user list.

Check Status

You will typically come to this page when you have a problem with an application or driver and you are struggling to find a solution. I had one such problem just recently. I had a mutex that once a task blocked on all tasks at the same priority or lower stopping running except IDLE. The {{{rtems_check_state</code> showed IDLE was not at its normal priority and a priority inversion bug relating to creating locked semaphores was shown to be problem. So first run this command to make sure you are not doing something that is know about.