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     1= RTEMS Project Code of Conduct =
     3[[TOC(CodeOfConduct , depth=2)]]
     5== Preamble ==
     7RTEMS Project has a global community supporting RTEMS and tools for embedded systems. These products are made possible by the support and hard work of hundreds of people spanning multiple decades. This Code of Conduct supports a positive and inspiring atmosphere through the shared values of our community, which include being considerate, respectful, collaborative, pragmatic, and supportive. Our community includes contributors, who add value through improving RTEMS Project software and services, and users, who add value through their support as consumers of RTEMS Project software. This Code of Conduct governs behavior of community members in any forum: mailing lists, wiki, website, IRC, public meetings, or private correspondence related to RTEMS. For the benefit of all, the community and leaders will uphold this Code of Conduct and discipline anyone who breaks it.
     9== Be considerate ==
     11Your actions and work affect other people. Take the consequences of your actions into account when making decisions. Contributors give credit where due, and bear in mind how your changes (code and development schedules) affect others. Users remember that contributors work hard and take pride in RTEMS, so your requests are more likely to be resolved if you can give accurate information politely.
     13== Be respectful ==
     15Treating one another with respect is mandatory. Disagreements arise, so try to assume that people mean well, avoid misunderstandings by being clear and concise, and respect the views of others. We do not tolerate personal attacks or any form of discrimination. Remember that cultural differences matter.
     17== Be collaborative ==
     19Contributors should aim to collaborate transparently and to release work early and often in a way that allows others to test, discuss, and help. User feedback is important, but poorly worded comments can cause pain and de-motivate others, so be considerate when discussing problems.
     21== Be pragmatic ==
     23The RTEMS Project values tangible results. We are open to suggestions and solutions regardless of their origin. When in doubt, support a solution that helps get things done over one that may never materialize.
     25== Support others in the community ==
     27Support anyone who seems to be under personal attack or in danger of burning out. If you feel someone is beyond your ability to help, privately ask if some form of official intervention is needed. When problems do arise, respectfully remind those involved of our shared Code of Conduct.
     29== Get support from others in the community ==
     30Disagreements happen, so try to resolve them constructively. Think deeply before turning a disagreement into a public dispute, and consider waiting 24 hours before responding when you feel attacked. If you still feel the need to respond, then we encourage you to get advice and support from community leaders.
     32== License and Attributions ==
     34This document is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike 3.0 License.
     35This document is based in part upon KDE Community Code of Conduct.