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Add RTEMS application details.


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    6767I do not used the Xilinx version of U-Boot they provide on Github. I also do not use any binary builds available for download.
     69== U-Boot License ==
     71U-Boot is license under GPL-2 which means you will need to make the source code for U-Boot available to users of your product. Please check the GPL-2 license to make sure you can use U-Boot and what you need to do to meet the license.
    6973== Building U-Boot ==
    1251291. The `bootfile` is the file name used by the TFTP protocol. The path is relative to the top level path the TFTP server is configured to serve file from. This path is available to the development host machines so the executable can be updated after a build.
    126 1. The `loadaddr` must match the static address the RTEMS executable is built with.
     1301. The `loadaddr` is the address U-Boot loads the image before it is relocated to the address RTEMS is built with. This value needs to be valid RAM and it is best if it does not overlap with the image's final located address.
    1271311. The subnet is `` and it has a DHCP server. The `dhcp;` command tells U-Boot to get an IP address using the DHCP protocol and optionally download an executable using the TFTP protocol. I do not define a boot file in the DHCP server so it can vary for each board on networking that is net booting.
    1281321. The TFTP server IP address is manually set to ``.
    153157= RTEMS Application =
    155 TDB
     159The RTEMS executable is an ELF format file and U-Boot requires custom image format which means you need to convert the RTEMS ELF executable file to the custom image format.
     161The following script is an example of how you perform this conversion:
    173179  -d "$EXE_NAME.gz" "$EXE_NAME.img"
     1831. The `arm-rtems4.12-objcopy` is part of the RTEMS ARM binutils package built by the RSB.
     1841. The `START_ADDR` the base address the RTEMS executable is linked too. This is set in the RTEMS BSP code for the !ZedBoard and Microzed board.
     1851. The `ENTRY_ADDR` is the entry point to the RTEMS executable. This again is BSP specific. For the ZedBoard the entry point is the base address.
     1861. The RTEMS executable is stripped of any debugging information and converted to a binary image and then compressed. Stripping the executable or debugging information does not effect your ability to debug the application because debugging uses the ELF image which still contains the debugging information.
     1871. The host tool `mkimage` is built as part of U-Boot. You can find it under `toos/mkimage`. You need to copy it somewhere in your path or add a path so it can be executed.