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03:20 Ticket #4988 (GCC 13.2.0 fails to build qemu-xilinx) created by Kinsey Moore
qemu-xilinx fails to build under GCC 13.2.0 due to new warnings about …


19:29 Changeset in rtems-source-builder [5f4df1b] by Kinsey Moore <kinsey.moore@…>
bare/config/qemu-5.2.0: Add gdbus-codegen patch
18:54 Ticket #4987 (QEMU 5.2.0 configure does not resolve gdbus_codegen correctly) created by Kinsey Moore
When resolving gdbus_codegen from gio-2.0 packageconfig, the resulting …
07:13 Ticket #4986 (Improve CONFIGURE_TICKS_PER_TIMESLICE configuration and documentation) created by Sebastian Huber
The documentation allows a value of zero for …


21:51 Ticket #4985 (Build error: building srg9xwm1) created by Dustin
I am attempting to build the RTEMS 5.3 toolset on Windows using MSYS2 …
20:04 Changeset in rtems-source-builder [08a7397] by Kinsey Moore <kinsey.moore@…>
qemu: Update CFLAGS and LDFLAGS overrides QEMU used to honor LDFLAGS and CFLAGS and has since moved to accepting them via --extra-cflags and --extra-ldflags options to configure.
20:02 Changeset in rtems-source-builder [4dad5b3] by Kinsey Moore <kinsey.moore@…>
source-builder: Handle modern pkg-config symlinks Modern versions of pkg-config include new architecture-specific symlinks that are sometimes checked before "pkg-config". This causes builds to detect the system pkg-config instead of the local overridden pkg-config and fail to build properly. This overrides those new symlinks to restore build functionality.


16:51 Changeset in rtems [317df86] by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>
base64: Move base64 encoding support
07:17 Tickets #4908,​4965 batch updated by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>
fixed: In a78d940/rtems-tools: […]
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