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20:13 Ticket #4501 ( Uncaught exception issue spotted by Coverity) reopened by Ryan Long
11:39 Ticket #4356 (rtems_semaphore_set_priority() uses an invalid SMP lock) closed by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>
fixed: In [changeset:"ee57a7f1a16dbbedbf07bc629de19667dae131eb/rtems" ee57a7f1/rtems]: […]
11:37 Ticket #4549 (Timecounter: Add NTP support (cloned)) created by GabrielMoyano
Cloned from #2348: ---- The FreeBSD timecounter implementation …


23:00 Ticket #4548 (Add RTEMS version option to waf configure) created by Chris Johns
We need a way to override the default release for testing. This is a …
13:49 Ticket #4541 (rtems_jffs2_rmnod function problem) closed by Sebastian Huber
worksforme: The rmnod_h file system operation is used by unlink() and rmdir().


21:08 Ticket #4547 (dtc build failure on msys2 - all rtems6 target tools fail to build on ...) created by kgardas
I'm testing RSB git source updated 2021-11-10 and it fails on freshly …
17:54 Ticket #2902 (Port RTEMS to Microblaze) closed by Joel Sherrill
fixed: A Microblaze port and BSP for the KCU105 (HW and Qemu) have been merged. LWIP and libbsd should be supported soon. Closing.


17:00 Ticket #4546 (A thread restart does not update the priority of related threads) created by Sebastian Huber
Consider the following scenario. Let a high priority task H wait on a …
08:27 Ticket #4545 (The SMP EDF scheduler can only support more restricted affinity sets ...) created by Sebastian Huber
The SMP EDF scheduler supports a one-to-one and one-to-all thread to …


17:06 Ticket #4145 (rtems-source-builder: Update RTEMS Kernel Recipe to Use waf for RTEMS) closed by Ryan Long <ryan.long@…>
fixed: In [changeset:"def934785d4ae3c4b90733e8d5c443d61368268f/rtems-source-builder" def9347/rtems-source-builder]: […]


09:44 Ticket #4544 (The last processor must not be removed if it is owned by a helping ...) created by Sebastian Huber
The following error condition is currently not checked by …


15:43 Ticket #4501 ( Uncaught exception issue spotted by Coverity) closed by Ryan Long <ryan.long@…>
fixed: In [changeset:"d1df4f6e02fe22d2cb542adbd6ba4248ee077892/rtems-tools" d1df4f6/rtems-tools]: […]
03:39 Ticket #4104 (RSB Tools newlib patch checksum fails.) reopened by Benjamin Garner
Checksum has broken again for this patch, 4.11 branch failing to build.


14:22 Ticket #4543 (cannot build multiprocessor application on eclipse) created by mohamedosama94
Hi, hope my mail finds you well, i have an issue as i am using rtems6 …
01:23 Ticket #4542 (filename length problem in JFFS2 with RTEMS4.11.3/RTEMS5.1) created by chenjin_zhong
Hi, the MACRO JFFS2_MAX_NAME_LEN defines the maximum length of …


14:54 Ticket #4541 (rtems_jffs2_rmnod function problem) created by chenjin_zhong
Hi, the dir_i->i_mode must be S_IFDIR in this situation.therefore, I …
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