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Jan 2, 2018:

10:58 AM Ticket #3269 (Make the IRQ extensions API a standard API) created by Sebastian Huber
The IRQ extensions API defined by <rtems/irq-extensions.h> is …
6:23 AM Ticket #3266 (cpukit/libpci references BSP headers.) closed by Sebastian Huber

Jan 1, 2018:

12:01 AM Ticket #3268 (PowerPC BSP include naming mess.) created by Chris Johns
The PowerPC BSP family headers need some refactoring for the RTEMS 5 …

Dec 27, 2017:

2:22 AM Ticket #3267 (rtems/status-checks.h calls printk without including the needed header.) created by Chris Johns

Dec 24, 2017:

4:03 AM Ticket #3266 (cpukit/libpci references BSP headers.) created by Chris Johns
On the no-preinstall branch of …

Dec 22, 2017:

12:39 PM Ticket #3265 (Use second one based uptime for CLOCK_MONOTONIC for FreeBSD compatibility) created by Sebastian Huber
This simplifies the CLOCK_MONOTONIC based time services. It is …

Dec 21, 2017:

10:56 PM WikiStart edited by Chris Johns
Fix 4.10 milestone. (diff)
12:41 PM Ticket #3264 (Add monotonic watchdog based on uptime) created by Sebastian Huber
The CLOCK_MONOTONIC time services use currently the clock tick based …

Dec 19, 2017:

7:56 PM Ticket #3263 (4.10: test case for starvation due to improper PIP) created by Gedare Bloom
The following explains a scenario in rtems-4.10 that is solved by the …
1:55 PM Ticket #3262 (GCC-4 Build failure with GCC-4.3+) created by Gedare Bloom
While building 4.10 tools (gcc-4.4.7) with gcc 5.4, I stumbled on the …
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