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Apr 27, 2017:

2:23 PM Ticket #3007 (ARM caching issues) created by munster
There are two problems with the caching on ARM: * In cases where the …
5:57 AM Ticket #3006 (SPARC LEON3 BSP SMP build is broken.) created by Chris Johns
The rtems-bsp-builder failure output is: […] The BSP …

Apr 25, 2017:

6:16 PM Ticket #3005 (Typo in RTEMS Source Builder 4.11.99) closed by Linda Huxley <lhuxley@…>
fixed: In 4cc5fcf/rtems-docs: […]
12:50 PM Ticket #3005 (Typo in RTEMS Source Builder 4.11.99) created by Linda Huxley
Working from a clean Ubuntu 16.04 install, the following commands in …

Apr 22, 2017:

10:25 PM Ticket #2639 (RSB long path support on Windows is still broken.) closed by Chris Johns
duplicate: Closing this ticket as #2992 has more details.
10:21 AM Ticket #3004 (Typos in RTEMS User Manual 4.11.99) created by Linda Huxley
There are a couple of apparent typos in section "5.2 Releases" in the …

Apr 21, 2017:

7:02 PM GSoC/2017 edited by Cillian O'Donnell

Apr 20, 2017:

12:23 PM Ticket #3003 (FAT does not support clusters bigger than 32K) created by munster
When used with 64KiB clusters, the FAT driver will loop forever in …
11:47 AM Ticket #3002 (Incorrect bit reference in ARM GIC) created by munster
Incorrect bit reference in …
7:48 AM Ticket #3001 (SMP build of RTEMS Testsuite does not set CONFIGURE_MAXIMUM_PROCESSORS) created by Chris Johns
The default setting for CONFIGURE_MAXIMUM_PROCESSORS is 1

Apr 19, 2017:

4:34 AM Ticket #2976 (warnings in rtems-debugger-server.c) closed by Chris Johns <chrisj@…>
fixed: In 7f95cc0/rtems: […]
2:11 AM Ticket #3000 (Setting interrupt level in the mode arg on SMP returns RTEMS_UNSATISFIED) created by Chris Johns
If for any reason a user sets the interrupt level in the mode on an …

Apr 18, 2017:

4:25 PM Ticket #2983 (Create <rtems/inttypes.h> to consolidate extensions to <inttypes.h>) closed by Joel Sherrill <joel@…>
fixed: In d420b67/rtems: […]
2:41 PM Ticket #2999 (sb-check on Cygwin) created by Joel Sherrill
It looks like there are two issues in windows.py * Probes for …
4:27 AM Ticket #2998 (RTEMS User Manual Quick Start does not cover releases.) created by Chris Johns
The quick start documents using git and does not cover a release. This …
2:43 AM Ticket #2997 (Monitor config command does not handle unlimited objects.) created by Chris Johns
Running the console's config command with unlimited objects gives: …
2:28 AM Ticket #2981 (testdata excludes on included tcfg files does not work) closed by Chris Johns <chrisj@…>
fixed: In 18f63c0/rtems: […]

Apr 17, 2017:

1:37 AM Ticket #2996 (source download for RTEMS 4.11.2-rc1 Release) created by tnagy
A while back Following the instructions on …

Apr 16, 2017:

11:04 PM Ticket #2995 (Missing bsets) created by Hassan Karim
When I went to rebuild based on 4.12, I cloned from github. I am no …

Apr 15, 2017:

3:35 PM GSoC/2017 edited by Spencer Goodwin
1:06 PM Ticket #2994 (tar01 XZ error) created by Joel Sherrill
This shows up on erc32 and psim. /dest3/home/test_script: mode: …
12:50 AM Developer/Coding/Conventions edited by Gedare Bloom
Add new rule regarding explicit checking of bits in variables. (diff)
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