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19:01 Ticket #1793 (SMP Update on libmisc CPU Usage Code) created by Joel Sherrill
Filing this so we don't forget this issue brought up by Gedare on …
18:22 Ticket #1792 (Need default bsp_smp_wait_for method in bsps) created by Jennifer Averett
The following patch adds a default bsp_smp_wait_for method and …
15:05 Ticket #1791 (DispatchDisableLevel is not smp safe) created by Jennifer Averett
The attached patch adds a smp spinlock nested to the …
07:11 Ticket #1790 (Libblock. Flash disk: Wrong memset parameters.) created by Andrey Mozzhuhin
In flash disk block device implementation (flashdisk.c), function …


19:24 Ticket #1789 (Add Simple SMP Scheduler) created by Joel Sherrill
The attached patch adds support for the Simple SMP Priority Scheduler. …
19:03 Ticket #1788 (SMP Thread CPU Usage Bookkeeping) created by Joel Sherrill
The time of the last context switch is currently kept in a single …


17:48 TBR/BSP/Lpc24xx edited by Richard Campbell
/* RTEMS Lab Board */ Added note about board modification to enable remote power control (diff)
17:28 Ticket #1787 (Adding nesting support to smp spinlock) created by Jennifer Averett
The following patch renames the existing smp spinlock to a simple …
15:26 Ticket #1786 (update mvme5500 for RTEMS4.10) created by feng1
Add the support for Altivec, and remove some warnings.


16:19 Ticket #1784 (bspsmp.h should be split into two files: smp.h and bspsmp.h) closed by Jennifer Averett
fixed: Patch applied to head.
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