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22:27 Ticket #1462 (rtems_rate_monotonic_report_statistics reports incorrect values) closed by Joel Sherrill
fixed: Hopefully OK now. Patch applied to 4.9 and head.
20:18 Release/4.9 edited by Strauman
17:35 Ticket #1470 (patches are displayed incorrectly in bugzilla) created by Nickolay Semyonov-Kolchin This …
14:16 Ticket #1469 (Wrong exception handler prologues for exceptions >= 16 (i386)) closed by strauman
02:58 Ticket #1469 (Wrong exception handler prologues for exceptions >= 16 (i386)) created by strauman
The table listing the individual exception prologues must contain a …


20:49 Release/4.9 edited by JoelSherrill
/* Release 4.9.3 Changes */ Add note (diff)
14:49 Ticket #1420 (MCF5282 chip errata -- Buffered Write May Be Executed Twice) closed by Joel Sherrill
fixed: You applied patch so should be closed.


13:24 Ticket #1468 (Math overflow in timespecdividebyinteger.c) created by Jennifer Averett
The attached patch fixes the issue, where 32 bit multiplication is …


16:39 Ticket #1467 (BDBUF blocks an application that tries to read a buffer while it is in ...) created by Oleg
Simple test: - task A calls rtems_bdbuf_read() for block #N; As the …
12:17 Projects/Parrot_VM created by ChrisJohns
Add some Parrot doco. Needs lots more work.


04:10 Ticket #1466 (Remove usleep from testsuites) created by Ralf Corsepius
usleep() has been removed from POSIX.1-2008/IEEE Std 1003.1-2008. => …


15:45 Ticket #1465 (Network autonegotiation fails with GRETH driver) created by Joris van Rantwijk
The RTEMS driver for the GRETH Ethernet core incorrectly reports a …


17:19 Ticket #1464 (psxtests/psxsem01 is broken) reopened by Joel Sherrill
17:18 Ticket #1464 (psxtests/psxsem01 is broken) closed by Joel Sherrill
05:33 Ticket #1464 (psxtests/psxsem01 is broken) created by Ralf Corsepius
IMO, the psxtests/psxsem01 test is broken: The only case I found so …


21:57 Release/4.9 edited by JoelSherrill
/* Release 4.9.3 Changes */ 1462/cpukit - fix bug in rate monotonic statistics (diff)
16:18 Ticket #1461 (mptests reference TICKS_PER_SECOND) closed by Ralf Corsepius
16:15 Ticket #1463 (MULTIPROCESSING doesn't build) closed by Ralf Corsepius
fixed: Works for me
13:42 Ticket #1463 (MULTIPROCESSING doesn't build) created by Ralf Corsepius
make[3]: Entering directory …
13:40 Ticket #1462 (rtems_rate_monotonic_report_statistics reports incorrect values) created by Jennifer Averett
rtems_rate_monotonic_report_statistics reports incorrect values over time.
13:37 Ticket #1461 (mptests reference TICKS_PER_SECOND) created by Ralf Corsepius
Something is severely broken with the mptests: from a sparc/leon3 …


07:20 Ticket #1460 (Missing decls rtems_object_api_minimum_class/rtems_object_api_maximum_class) created by Ralf Corsepius
cpukit/rtems/src/rtemsobjectapimaximumclass.c …
06:18 Ticket #1459 (Add rtems_shell_main_monitor to cpukit/libmisc/shell/shell.h?) created by Ralf Corsepius
rtems_shell_main_monitor is a private function of …
04:56 Ticket #1458 (removing an ASR with rtems_signal_catch() effectively changes task ...) created by strauman
Assume a task with mode-flag RTEMS_NO_ASR first installs an ASR and …


15:45 Ticket #1457 (Unnecessary read from device driver in case we have READ_AHEAD entry ...) created by Oleg
When we turn on read ahead feature and read blocks in sequence, the …
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