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07:00 Ticket #1218 (mvme2100 doesn't build) closed by Ralf Corsepius
invalid: My local over-night rebuild exposed the issue with some other ppc bsps as well. Completely rebuilding from scratch doesn't expose the issue. So I'd presume this to be related to side-effects of structural changes on the autotool-generated files.


13:16 Ticket #1217 (targ-include not being set up correctly) closed by Ralf Corsepius
fixed: Should be fixed with today's and yesterdays releases of the rtems-4.8/rtems-4.7 toolchains.
13:15 Ticket #1218 (mvme2100 doesn't build) created by Ralf Corsepius
The mvme2100 bsp on rtems-4-7-branch doesn't build due to some …


14:07 Ticket #1215 (_SC_PAGESIZE is defined but sysconf returns -1) closed by Ralf Corsepius
fixed: Should be fixed by now in rtems-4-7-branch and cvs-HEAD. I changed the code to let sysconf(_SC_PAGESIZE) return PAGE_SIZE. WONTFIX for rtems-4.6
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