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16:13 Ticket #773 (powerpc decrementer clock corrupted) created by strauman
Input register is clobbered in multi-statement asm resulting in …


12:52 Ticket #772 (select() not waking up when socket becomes writable.) created by osv2
Due to a bug in socket_select(), the wait in select() for writeability …


09:48 Ticket #771 (ARM bsp's do not build after bare-bsp removal) closed by Ralf Corsepius
State-Changed-From-To: working->closed State-Changed-Why: Fixed. libbsp/powerpc/acinclude.m4 also was broken. cd c/src/lib/libbsp/arm cvs up -dP autoreconf should fix this issue
08:49 Ticket #771 (ARM bsp's do not build after bare-bsp removal) created by lars
The arm-bare-bsp removal breaks building all arm bsp's Release: cvs …


20:33 Ticket #770 (test) closed by Jeff Mayes
State-Changed-From-To: working->closed State-Changed-Why: done
20:28 Ticket #770 (test) created by Jeff Mayes
Release: unknown


13:37 Ticket #769 (Minor boundary bug in rtems_io_register_driver) created by dufault
Is the check where it returns RTEMS_TOO_MANY a boundary error in …
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