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21:12 Ticket #327 (Compilation of C++ fails (when using --enable-cxx)) created by eric.valette
ake[5]: Entering directory …
21:04 Ticket #326 (newlib-1.10.0-rtems-20021127.diff does not apply cleanly with patch 2.5.4) created by eric.valette
here is the result of the patch command. NB : the fact that patching …
15:11 Ticket #325 (bootstrap fails to correctly identify automake version) created by eric.valette
As I have '.' in my path before /usr/bin, bootstrap fails because …


04:46 Ticket #318 (powerpc-rtems-binutils-2.13.1 does not build) closed by Ralf Corsepius
State-Changed-From-To: open->closed State-Changed-Why: Bug in gcc-3.2/i386 - Apparently fixed in gcc-3.2.1. [FWIW: powerpc-rtems-binutils-2.13.1 builds with RH's gcc-3.2.1-1]
04:42 Ticket #312 (Bogus sh quoting) closed by Ralf Corsepius
State-Changed-From-To: feedback->closed State-Changed-Why: Patches in CVS > 1 week and no bug report related to sh quoting so far.


13:31 Ticket #324 (m68k-rtems-gcc-3.2.1-20021203 is broken) created by Ralf Corsepius
m68k-rtems BSPs want to link against crti.o. gcc-3.2.1 apparently …


14:02 Ticket #322 (Orphanized file: libcpu/i960/shared/soft_reset_asm.S) closed by Joel Sherrill
State-Changed-From-To: open->closed State-Changed-Why: File removed.
06:24 Ticket #323 (Bug in the mbus / i2c state machine for the Coldfire mcf5206) created by paulw
There is a bug in the state machine for the I2C driver. When sending …


11:21 Ticket #322 (Orphanized file: libcpu/i960/shared/soft_reset_asm.S) created by Ralf Corsepius
The file mentioned in the subject is orphanized and not used anywhere. …
05:13 Ticket #321 (PROFILE-variant does not apply *_p.a) created by Ralf Corsepius
Building the PROFILE-variant builds *_p.a's., all bsp_specs however …
05:05 Ticket #320 (start.o for build-VARIANTS) created by Ralf Corsepius
Startup file handling for build variants is inconsistent: a) the …


06:45 Ticket #319 (Add sysctl interface to the networking stack.) created by Chris Johns
Add the sysctl interface to the net-snmp package can be used without …
02:51 Ticket #318 (powerpc-rtems-binutils-2.13.1 does not build) created by Ralf Corsepius
powerpc-rtems-binutils does not build using RH's or SuSE's gcc-3.2. …
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