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at91rm9200 ExecuteITHandler parameter bug

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Dierk Haberhausen posted the following a while ago on the rtems-users mailing list and I recently ran into the same problem as well:

I was wondering why my ISR don't get the interrupt vector parameter.
I found out that the ExecuteITHandler function,
don't consign this parameter to the ISR
So I have changed the ExecuteITHandler to:

ExecuteITHandler :

  • Look at interrupt status register to determine source.
  • From source, determine offset into expanded vector table
  • and load handler address into r1. */

ldr r0, =0xFFFFF100 /* AIC_CTL_BASE + AIC_IVR */
ldr r1, [r0]
str r1, [r0] /* write back in case we are using protect


ldr r0, =0xFFFFF108 /* AIC_CTL_BASE + AIC_ISR */
ldr r0, [r0] /* Read interrupt vector */

stmdb sp!,{lr}
ldr lr, =IRQ_return /* prepare the return from handler */

mov pc, r1 /* execute handler */

But I am not sure that I get the right vector in all cases (nested irqs)???
Has anybody a deep knowledge in the ATMEL AIC?

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