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Intel Specific x86-64 BSP Suport

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This ticket focuses on Intel related items that refine x86_64 BSP ticket #2898. Intel (Time Coordinated Computing) can enable realtime x86_64 processing through a manufacturer toolkit and driver set and mitigate non-deterministic behaviors caused by system architecture, software architecture, or general limitations. In focus are the TCC and TSN support, and mitigation of SMI related disturbances to realtime operation.


RTEMS BSPs should support existing and upcoming processors and motherboards that feature:

  • TSN (Time Sensitive Networking)
  • TCC (Time Coordinated Computing)
  • 1G/2.5G Ethernet (typically Intel i225 Chipset)

Processor Selection

The following processor families are of interest, and are refined here: https://www.intel.com.au/content/www/au/en/collections/topics/iot/real-time.html

  • D-2700/D-1700
  • 12th Gen Core E
  • 11th Gen Core E
  • Xeon W-1100E
  • Atom x6000E

In addition, the following Ethernet drivers should be validated on this BSP for TSN

  • i225-LM
  • i225-IT

BSP Selection

Multiple manufacturers support TCC and TSN availability on typically mini-ITX and uITX motherboards, as well as System on-Module vendors. These are primary targets for deployment of the BSP on modern Intel hardware. This is a BIOS/UEFI setting, and may not be available on commercial motherboards, or requires a firmware update.


  1. Acquire a TCC/TSN capable motherboard and enable the TCC/TSN settings
  2. if (targeting Elkhart): Refine the PSE firmware as needed and acquire the requisite programmer
  3. Architect and Develop RTEMS as a supported BSP toward all TCC/TSN targets natively.

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