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USE_INIT_FINI obsolete?

Reported by: Ralf Corsepius Owned by: Joel Sherrill
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Component: bsps Version: 4.6
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Several issues with USE_INIT_FINI:

  1. Many BSPs append -DUSE_INIT_FINI to CPPFLAGS in their


A grep through the sources shows that not a single file inside of RTEMS applies USE_INIT_FINI.

=> Appending -DUSE_INIT_FINI in startup/Makefile.ams is meaningless

  1. Many startup/Makefile.ams contain this comment:

# USE_INIT_FINI tells main.c what C++ help we need.

IMO, this comment is wrong, because
a) USE_INIT_FINI is not used at all.
b) The relevant files would be
which apply USE_INIT_FINI (Note the underscores).

  1. The genmongoosev's and jmr3904's bsp_specs append -DUSE_INIT_FINI to their *cpp-specs, all other BSPs

rely on USE_INIT_FINI being provided by gcc.

RTEMS-4.6 + RTEMS-CVS-trunk

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