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New APIs Added to POSIX Standard (2021)

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The following is a draft of the edits a set of new APIs are coming to POSIX.


Search for "+" for added lines. Some are text changes and others
are API additions. Some like strlcat() have been around for ages. Others
are new like pthread_cond_clockwait() and similar "clockwait" methods for many (all?) concurrency primitives.

This ticket is to perform the analysis to identify the list of methods and constants that are added, determine if RTEMS/newlib/libbsd currently supports that, and file tickets as appropriate to add them to the RTEMS environment.

The analysis can be done as part of a GSoC project proposal effort. The GSoC project itself would consist of adding missing methods. There appear to be groups of related methods and the resulting tickets should reflect what would be added as a set.

I have not and likely will not soon make it through this document to
make a list of the new APIs. This list would then need to be checked
against RTEMS and newlib. It is clear we are missing an entire class
of new concurrency methods.

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