#4140 closed defect (fixed)

waf install of RTEMS breaks Makefile system in rtems-examples

Reported by: Joel Sherrill Owned by: Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>
Priority: normal Milestone: 6.1
Component: build Version: 6
Severity: normal Keywords: wafblocker
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This boils down to bsp_specs being referenced in Makefile.inc and it no longer being at the install point. This can be worked around by copying an empty file to the install location for bsp_specs enough to compile the programs but I assume that the -B... list of arguments needs to be replaced

Properly the BSP compile flags need to be processed into the installed target.cfg and the line with -B.. modified as needed in gcc-target-default.cfg.

i386-rtems6-gcc --pipe -B/home/joel/rtems-work/tools/6/bsp-install/i386-rtems6/pc686/lib/ -specs bsp_specs -qrtems   -Wall      -mtune=pentiumpro -march=pentium       -c   -o o-optimize/test.o test.c
i386-rtems6-gcc: fatal error: cannot read spec file 'bsp_specs': No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
make: *** [o-optimize/test.o] Error 1
[joel@localhost hello_world_c]$ cp /dev/null /home/joel/rtems-work/tools/6/bsp-install/i386-rtems6/pc686/lib/bsp_specs
[joel@localhost hello_world_c]$ RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH=/home/joel/rtems-work/tools/6/bsp-install/i386-rtems6/pc686/ make clean all
rm -f a.out core mon.out gmon.out
rm -f -r 
rm -f -r  a.out *.o *.BAK Depends-o-optimize.tmp
rm -f -r o-optimize o-debug
test -d o-optimize || mkdir o-optimize
i386-rtems6-gcc --pipe -B/home/joel/rtems-work/tools/6/bsp-install/i386-rtems6/pc686/lib/ -specs bsp_specs -qrtems   -Wall      -mtune=pentiumpro -march=pentium       -c   -o o-optimize/test.o test.c
i386-rtems6-gcc --pipe -B/home/joel/rtems-work/tools/6/bsp-install/i386-rtems6/pc686/lib/ -specs bsp_specs -qrtems   -Wall      -mtune=pentiumpro -march=pentium      -qrtems -Wl,-Ttext,0x00100000 -mtune=pentiumpro -march=pentium -Wl,--gc-sections -L/home/joel/rtems-work/rtems/bsps/i386/shared/start -L/home/joel/rtems-work/rtems/bsps/i386/pc386/start   -mtune=pentiumpro -march=pentium   -o o-optimize/hello.exe  o-optimize/test.o       
i386-rtems6-nm -g -n o-optimize/hello.exe > o-optimize/hello.num
i386-rtems6-size o-optimize/hello.exe
   text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
 151790    9628   33056  194474   2f7aa o-optimize/hello.exe

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In 6ca00e61/rtems:

build: Fix legacy Makefile support

Close #4140.

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