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Update POSIX compliance guide

Reported by: eshan dhawan Owned by: Joel Sherrill
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Some headers and methods have been implemented in Newlib/RTEMS/RTEMS libbsd but there supported status still needs to be updated in the compliance guide

wcsncasecmp_l () of wchar.h has implementation in libc/string
pselect() of select.h has been implemented in RTEMS libbsd

There might be other methods that might have been missed out can be reported here.

Compliance guide:

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comment:1 Changed on 03/27/20 at 19:06:50 by eshan dhawan

There are also a few functions that are also not present in the guide

these are the methods I couldn't find in the compliance guide.

sys/stat.h: int utimensat
sys/stat.h: int _fstat
sys/_default_fcntl.h: extern int futimesat
sys/time.h: int futimesat

The list of these methods was made taking reference from

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