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BSP Buildset for EPICS

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BSP Buildset for EPICS


  1. BSP Buildset for EPICS
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Gedare Bloom, Chris Johns




Looking for funding/motivated students.


The EPICS project uses RTEMS. EPICS version 3.15 uses RTEMS-4.10. EPICS version 7 is intended to use RTEMS version 5. Compiling and using EPICS 3.15 with RTEMS-4.10 is relatively straightforward. The compilation of current RTEMS master with EPICS 7 is more difficult, and currently only works for some (expensive) hardware targets. The goal of this project is to create RTEMS Source Builder packages for compiling EPICS together with RTEMS that can be run on a simulator. To achieve this end, an RTEMS-5/EPICS-7 build that can run on a simulated target needs to be completed.


To create a vertically integrated BSP Build Set capable of creating a bootable BSP image with EPICS7+RTEMS5 that can run in a simulator.

A secondary goal could be to provide build set support for RTEMS-4.10+EPICS3.15. However, the RSB master branch does not currently support RTEMS-4.10, and the 4.10 branch does not currently support BSP Build Sets.


  • Ability to read/write Python programs with OOP.
  • Ability to read/write C programs (pointer-based data structures).


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