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    1515Since security tools tend to be costly in terms of time or compute resources, they are normally run on nightly or even weekly builds rather than on every commit as done for typical continuous integration (CI). It can be tedious to merge commits to the development master and trigger a scan to determine if the issue has been fixed. Instead, we would like to develop fixes and trigger Coverity Scan as needed (subject to staying within the allowed scan rates). Coverity Scan integrates with Github and can be triggered to scan by merging new code to a specific git repository branch. As a first step, a special 'coverity' branch could be created for scanning commits that are pushed there, so that developers who are testing changes can work through the coverity branch before merging fixes into the master. Alternate solutions should be discussed with any mentors.
     17**Coding Rule Scans**
     18Investigation on this direction is needed. Coverity supports for example a couple of MISRA rules:
     21These rules are not enabled currently. Would it be possible to enable a subset of these rules in our current setup?