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RTEMS Pre-Qualification (ECSS) for SMP

Reported by: Sebastian Huber Owned by: Sebastian Huber
Priority: normal Milestone: 7.1
Component: rtems Version: 6
Severity: normal Keywords: qualification
Cc: Blocked By: #3702, #3703, #3705, #3716

Description (last modified by Sebastian Huber)

This ticket summarises activities carried out by a 24 month project sponsored by the European Space Agency (ESA). The project start was February 2019.

The main goal of the project is to enable European space missions to use RTEMS as a software product in criticality category C (this is basically category B without independent software verification and validation, ISVV). Criticality category C means according to ECSS-Q-ST-80C:

"Software that if not executed, or if not correctly executed, or whose anomalous behaviour can cause or contribute to a system failure resulting in: Major consequences"

In ECSS-Q-ST-40C major consequences are characterized in Table 6-1 as a major mission degradation without effects to the outside world of the system. A future activity may perform ISVV to enable a use in category B settings.

The qualification will be done according to ECSS standards (ECSS-E-ST-40C and ECSS-Q-ST-80C). The standards are available at

free of charge after registration.

The project consists of four major tasks.

  1. Qualification toolchain

    This task aims to produce a tool chain so that qualification related work can be carried out efficiently. For example: document generation, test suite runs (including code coverage), test reporting, test result archiving, code metrics, static code analysis, traceability (e.g. requirements to tests), etc.
  1. RTEMS SMP qualification data package

    This task covers the main RTEMS components (source code, tests, documentation; new: requirements document, ECSS standard tailoring) so that a data package for space mission consumers can be generated.

    • #3702: Space profile for RTEMS SMP
    • #3703: Technical Specification (TS) for space profile
      • #3715: Add Requirements Engineering chapter to RTEMS Software Engineering Handbook
      • #3726: Select a requirements engineering tool
    • #3705: Software Design Document (SDD) for space profile
      • #3704: Review and update Doxygen recommendations
      • #3706: Create a hierarchy of RTEMS software components using Doxygen groups
      • #3707: Assign each code file to a Doxygen group
      • #3708: Remove Doxygen comments from confdefs.h
    • #3716: Unit, integration and validation tests for space profile
      • #3717: Add test guidelines chapter to RTEMS Software Engineering Handbook
      • #3718: Add support for test plans
      • #3199: New test framework
  1. RTEMS SMP formal verification

    This is a research project. The aim is to apply formal methods for the verification of a subset of the RTEMS SMP algorithms.
  1. RTEMS SMP application porting

    The goal of this task is to port an existing uniprocessor space software from RTEMS 4.8 (RTEMS Improvement by Edisoft) to RTEMS SMP. The algorithms used by the software needs to be parallelized.

The project partners are:

  • Lero with Lero researchers from Trinity College Dublin and University of Limerick from Ireland

The results of this activity should be open source and available to the RTEMS community.

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Summary: RTEMS SMP Pre-Qualification (ECSS)RTEMS Pre-Qualification (ECSS) for SMP

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