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Add support for poll.h method - poll

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According to the RTEMS POSIX 1003.1 Compliance Guide, poll() from poll.h is not supported (https://docs.rtems.org/branches/master/posix-compliance/posix-compliance.html#poll-h)

PS: I wrote the test for POSIX API Signature Compliance Test and it compiled correctly but I suppose that some things are still not fully supported.

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comment:1 Changed on Dec 11, 2018 at 7:23:39 PM by Marçal Comajoan Cara <mcomajoancara@…>

In 6ab788d/rtems:

psxhdrs: Implement POSIX API Signature Compliance Tests for poll.h (GCI 2018)

poll.h implements poll() which is not supported by RTEMS according
to the RTEMS POSIX 1003.1 Compliance Guide. See #3657.

This work was part of GCI 2018.

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